Wealth Management for
Individuals and Families

Our family serving your family

Sam Financial Group is a family-run business that provides holistic wealth advisory and investment management services. We understand the importance of putting family first, and we implement long-term financial solutions to help you achieve your goals for the future.

At Sam Financial Group, we understand that saving for the future means more than building an account balance. It means living the life of your dreams and creating a legacy for your loved ones. That’s why we incorporate a wide range of services, intentionally customized to help you on the path toward realizing your dreams. Our services include:

  • Wealth Advice
    After more than 50 years of collective experience over several market cycles, we understand the importance of providing trusted advice to help you navigate whatever challenges may come your way. We provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your financial future is secure. To do so, we take the time to get to know you, your current situation, your goals for the future and any challenges you may face along the way. We then develop a customized financial plan to meet your specific needs and help you achieve your dreams.
  • Investment Management
    We work with you to develop a customized investment portfolio built to achieve your long-term goals. Your diversified portfolio is then continuously monitored and adjusted as your life and financial situation evolve over time. When choosing investments on your behalf, we evaluate thousands of options to identify an investment allocation that meets your specific needs with a focus on reducing your investment fees.
  • Cash-flow Planning
    Understanding your monthly cash flow can play a big role in lowering your financial stress. We help you with cash flow planning so you can monitor where your money comes from and where it goes. Cash flow planning takes the guesswork out of expenditures because you can see the impact of your financial decisions before you commit. It also highlights potential funding gaps in your long-term savings so you can address any shortfalls before they become an issue.
  • Tax Planning
    Are your investments as tax efficient as possible? If not, you may be missing out on saving and investment opportunities. We work with you to analyze your portfolio from a tax perspective to identify potential savings opportunities. By maintaining a tax-efficient portfolio, we can help you lower your portfolio’s risk and save money.
  • Insurance Planning
    Insurance is a vital component of any comprehensive financial plan, yet it is often overlooked. At Sam Financial Group, we help you evaluate your insurance options and find the most appropriate policies to meet your needs and protect your wealth.
  • Education Planning
    If your financial goals include paying for higher education expenses for a child or grandchild, you may be overwhelmed by the costs associated with college. While the most popular way to save for college is through a 529 savings plan, we will help you evaluate a wide range of options to determine the right plan for your specific situation, including a Coverdell ESA, a custodial account or a trust.
  • Retirement Planning
    We work with you to implement a comprehensive retirement plan that incorporates all aspects of your personal financial life and goals for the future. We then review and update the plan on a regular basis to help ensure it remains in line with your evolving life and financial situation.
  • Estate Planning
    At Sam Financial Group, we understand that your financial goals may include more than providing for your own future. If you hope to leave a legacy for loved ones or a favorite charity, you’ll need to implement an estate plan. Once we understand your legacy goals, we work with you to develop estate planning strategies that allow you to pass as much wealth as possible to your heirs or charitable organizations of your choice.
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